I need to have my ring by tomorrow. Is that possible?

Anything is possible when it comes to the magic of Wedding Rings! Please be in touch with us sales@starweddingring.co.uk if you need your ring urgently, as we can offer you guaranteed next day delivery for a minimal fee of £6.50.

My ring doesn't fit. What should I do?

In order to avoid this common problem, we suggest you first order our free ring sizer- it only takes a day or two to get to you. If you have already ordered and the ring doesn't fit, please download the return/exchange form that was attached to your order dispatched email.

Why are your prices so much cheaper than other places?

We are able to offer such fantastic prices because operate an online shop with no showroom overheads. Instead of raising our prices to match the High-Street shops, we pass the discount on to you. Rest assured- you are not compromising one iota on quality. 

Can I order a ring in half sizes?

Gold and Platinum plain wedding rings can be made in half-sizes. Please contact us with on sales@starweddingring.co.uk your requirement s and we will let you know if we can help you.

Can I order a Z+ size?

Gold  plain wedding rings can be made in Z+ sizes. Please contact us on sales@starweddingring.co.uk with your requirement s and we will let you know if we can help you.

Can multiple discounts be used?

Only on rare occasions can multiple discount be used. When there is a discount running on most of the products on the website, then usually all other discounts are available and cannot be used.

What Is White Gold?

White gold is high-quality, affordable and resistant to tarnishing, making it an attractive alternative to visually similar metals like platinum and silver. Jewelers create white gold by mixing pure gold with metal alloys like palladium, silver or nickel and then plating it with rhodium, a bright white precious metal in the same category as platinum. This process results in jewelry with a gorgeous, silvery-white sheen and warm, shimmering undertones.

If you’re not familiar with white gold maintenance, you may be shocked to see a creamy yellow color slowly replacing the bright white color you fell in love with.

You might even begin to question the quality of the metal, but even the highest quality white gold turns yellow over time. While some jewelry may change colors because of cheap metals or improper plating, the color-changing properties of white gold have nothing to do with its quality or price.

Why Does White Gold Turn Yellow?

Contrary to the name, white gold does not achieve its color naturally. In order to keep its white color through the years, white gold needs regular upkeep from a professional jeweler. When you see a yellow sheen on your white gold jewelry, it is not the result of oxidation or another chemical reaction, meaning the metal does not actually change color. The outer layer of rhodium slowly wears away over time, eventually revealing the creamy-yellow color of un-plated white gold.

How Long Does it Take for White Gold to Turn Yellow?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years for white gold to begin showing a yellow color, depending on how quickly the thin rhodium plating wears away. A wide range of factors contribute to the wear and tear of rhodium, such as how frequently the ring gets wet, the pH balance of the oils in your skin, or even the amount of pollution in the air. Generally, the more you wear your ring, the faster the rhodium will wear away and cause the silver-white color to transition to a yellow shine.

What Should I Do To Prevent My White Gold From Turning Yellow?

Although white gold naturally turns yellow over time, there are several steps you can take to maintain the color of your white gold jewelry at home.

One of the biggest contributors to wear and tear on jewelry is interaction with natural oils, fragrances, soaps, salt water, and chlorine. Reduce the amount of wear by taking your ring off to do laundry, shower, swim, or wash the dishes. Avoid wearing lotion to eliminate unnecessary oils on your skin that could rub against the rhodium plating of your white gold.

Finally, only have white gold polished when necessary, as any sort of rubbing removes a small amount of rhodium from the surface of your jewelry. Taking care of your white gold jewelry will extend the lifetime of its rhodium plating.

Can I Restore My White Gold’s Original Color?

Yes, there is a quick and easy way to restore a yellowing piece of white gold to its former glory. Simply replacing the rhodium layer will give your ring the same brilliant light silver color it had when you first slipped it on your finger.