How Well Do You Know Your RIng?

–     A CLOSER LOOK AT DIFFERENT METALS AND HALLMARKS Whilst you might not be able to see the difference between a silver, white gold or platinum ring without checking the hallmark, the value of the metals differ greatly! Here’s a look at the most commonly used jewellery metals- and what makes each of them unique!   Platinum For those who want only the best: Platinum is one of the rarest metals, and extremely hard to mine, hence fetching the highest price.  The standard 950 hallmark means it’s 95% Platinum, and... Read More


  1.Ensure your rings fit properly If your ring is loose, it can very easily slip off and get lost without you noticing. Most jewellers can easily repair your ring and make it fit. 2.Invest in a safe Something that will keep your jewellery out of reach for burglars, but practical enough for you to be able to use on a daily basis without it being a           pain. A safe can also bring down your insurance premium! 3. Leave it at home if… Going swimming? Gardening? You... Read More