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How Well Do You Know Your RIng?

–     A CLOSER LOOK AT DIFFERENT METALS AND HALLMARKS Whilst you might not be able to see the difference between a silver, white gold or platinum ring without checking the hallmark, the value of the metals differ greatly! Here’s a look at the most commonly used jewellery metals- and what makes each of them unique!   Platinum For those who want only the best: Platinum is one of the rarest metals, and extremely hard to mine, hence fetching the highest price.  The standard 950 hallmark means it’s 95% Platinum, and... Read More


  1.Ensure your rings fit properly If your ring is loose, it can very easily slip off and get lost without you noticing. Most jewellers can easily repair your ring and make it fit. 2.Invest in a safe Something that will keep your jewellery out of reach for burglars, but practical enough for you to be able to use on a daily basis without it being a           pain. A safe can also bring down your insurance premium! 3. Leave it at home if… Going swimming? Gardening? You... Read More


Oh, so that’s why! A look at some Wedding Customs

So many things we do with no reason why ! Here are some customs we all know about, with reasons we might not: It is said that the first one to step into the home will be the more forceful one in the marriage. Hence the romantic gesture of the groom carrying the bride over the threshold. Enter together; share the power!   The fourth finger on the left hand was once believed to have a vein that traveled directly to the heart. Although this has been proven untrue with medical... Read More

The Weird and Wonderful Future of Wedding Rings

What’s in store for wedding rings? The world keeps changing. Think  smart phones; Think cars. Don’t think Wedding Rings. Somehow wedding rings seem to be lagging behind. Whilst different metals might be used today, most grooms and brides still go for the classic and timeless plain wedding ring. But how long will it last? Have a look at these wedding rings of the future, some of which are already starting to sell today. Wacky. Clever. Different.   This ring glows steadily hotter as the big Day approaches, ensuring your gift is ready on... Read More


Palladium Rings Are The New Rage

Whilst most people think that palladium is a new metal, it was actually already discovered in 1803! So what’s new about it? The recognition of Palladium as a jewellery metal. It only got a legal hallmark in 2009, and this was only made compulsory in 2010. So what’s the rage? Palladium comes from the same family as Platinum, but Platinum is 124% more expensive. Palladium is much lighter than Platinum, making it easier to wear, and cheaper to buy. Unaffordable Platinum styles are now being lapped up in Palladium, and... Read More

The best deals online for silver wedding rings

When it comes to buying wedding rings you want the one which you and your partner will be happy wearing on your fingers for the rest of your lives. So where do you start? First of all what material do you wish to choose e.g. do you want gold, platinum, titanium or silver? And what style do you wish to wear, a thin ring or a wider ring? The choices are numerous and can be quite daunting. However if you visit the website of Star Wedding Rings your choice of... Read More


How to buy an engagement and wedding ring

MAKING IT EASIER TO BUY AN ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING RING   The first rule is that there are NO RULES. That means you can disregard everything you are about to read! Just like every relationship and marriage is unique, and nobody tries to change that, you have a right to decide which ring you would like to give, and when. That said, there are some traditions many engages and married couples follow: Engagement Ring– when proposing, the man gives the woman a ring, symbolizing his love, and desire to get married. Traditionally, this... Read More

How To Buy Cheap Gold Wedding Rings Online

If you are looking to buy cheap gold wedding rings online then you have come to the right place at the website of Star Wedding Rings at:,  where you will find a superb selection of highly affordable gold wedding rings. Star Wedding Rings are a leading online retailer of the very finest wedding rings at affordable prices. They offer the best quality wedding rings at prices that cannot be beaten by the high street stores. Your chosen wedding ring can be bought safely and securely through their trusted web store... Read More

Multi Coloured Wedding Rings

Multi coloured wedding rings are the very height of fashion and appeal to those looking for a wedding ring that is unusual and unique. They are available as two colour wedding rings and combine the beauty of both white and yellow gold. They are not only beautiful to look at but are durable and robust and still look good after many years of wear. An alternative is the Russian wedding ring which is a stunning combination of white, yellow and rose pink gold which are formed together to represent the values of... Read More

Buy Affordable Wedding Rings Online

Have you been searching the high street jewellers for the right wedding ring to give your beloved on your wedding day but have not found anything that you like or that is within your budget? If so then you need to head over to the website of Star Wedding Rings at: The team at Star Wedding Rings are dedicated to bringing their valued customers the very best selection of high quality wedding rings at affordable prices that won’t break the bank. They fully appreciate that the cost of getting married... Read More